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Let’s Talk About Insurance

 Most people’s response to this article’s title would be, “Let’s not”, but all of us need to have insurance as part of our risk management program. It is interesting to take a look at the relationship between those things that many of us insure against loss and the probability of such an actual loss. The […]

Financing An Education

 How much will it cost parents to fund post-secondary education in future?  It is estimated that the full cost of a 4-year undergraduate degree from a Canadian University in 2028 could be over $130,000.[i]  Universities and colleges are increasingly relying on tuition fees to fund their operations.  Between 1989 and 2009, tuition fees rose from […]

Estate Liquidity

Part of the financial estate planning process is proper planning of liquidity in an estate. Liquid cashable assets can be required in an estate to cover obligations at death, special payments and charitable gifts. It should be noted that we do not have “estate tax” in Canada. The deceased however is considered to have disposed […]

Should You Rent or Own?

This is the question!  I must admit there is no simple answer and it is not an easy decision. At first glance, it seems to makes so much more sense to build equity instead of help someone else to pay his/her mortgage.  This is more true today when rents are pretty high. As a homeowner, […]

Providing Protection for a Disabled Dependent

Planning for future financial needs is a normal part of most people’s life cycle. There are many suitable options available, depending on one’s goals and objectives, values, resources and, as we shall see here, the people one would like to benefit. For example, now that students are back in school, families with children in elementary […]