Andrea consistently establishes and maintains comfort levels of clients by expressing sensitivity and empathy.  Reassuring words are used to communicate respect for the individuals involved and the process.  Examples of actual client situations include:

  • Disagreements between spouses
  • Discomfort with estate concepts
  • Facilitation of family meetings
  • Illegitimate children
  • Disappointments with adult children
  • Regret about never marrying
  • Marriage breakdown
  • Special needs beneficiaries
  • Family disharmony, including between in-laws or step-relatives
  • Non-traditional family structures
  • Large debt loads
  • Income levels or asset holdings
  • Post-mortem surprises
  • Estate administration with grieving survivors
  • Strong emotional attachment to pets

Confirmation of confidentiality is stated at the outset of all retainers, particularly where clients are personal friends or family members. Andrea often follows up with clients/prospective clients regarding illnesses, coping with the death of a loved one or marriage breakdown, even when referred to another professional or the retainer has been completed.

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