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Got Plans for Your Land? Then Check the Zoning By-Laws…

Ever wonder if the guy down the street from you is really allowed to keep a pet elephant? What about the lady who just opened a butcher shop in her garage or the religious group which has its place of worship in the community park? The use of land in a community can be a […]

Does Your Estate Have Moral Obligations?

One of the many benefits of preparing a will or estate plan is the opportunity to direct how your assets should be distributed on your death.  However, as each individual’s circumstances are different, your freedom to have your instructions followed may be affected by obligations your estate will eventually owe to others. Provincial legislation enables […]

Become Principal Residence Savvy!

Real estate has long been a much sought after type of investment due to its income earning potential and its historical trend of increasing in value over time.  In fact, many believe they will “cash in” by holding real estate in their asset portfolio and eventually selling it for significant profits. However, there are tax […]

Is Your Property Up to Standard?

The City or Town you choose to live in should be beautiful and a source of pride for not only you, but all of its residents.  Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, municipalities impose a set of rules as to how owners are to maintain their homes and properties so that our […]

Will Kits: Cookie Cutter Disasters

Having a will is undoubtedly an essential part of proper estate planning, yet many individuals do not make this a priority.  With so many on-line gimmicks proposing quick and easy do-it-yourself will kits, it is not surprising the vast majority of people who use them do not realize the difficulties their loved ones will face […]

Understand Your Home Insurance Policy

Recently, dozens of home and business owners in Goderich suffered tremendous losses as a result of one of the most severe tornadoes to hit Ontario in 15 years.  If you know you would not have the right insurance coverage to rebuild and cover your financial loss after a tornado, fire, flood or other natural disaster […]

Preparing for Joint Home Ownership

An increasing number of people are entering the housing market by buying jointly with a friend or relative. Families are also buying cottages or rental properties together. For many, it enables them to enter the market while prices are high and decreases the individual risk and day-to-day responsibility of such an investment. However, as has […]

What If I Default On My Mortgage?

When you stop making regular mortgage payments to your lender, several events will inevitably happen. You will be assessed fees for late payments, your mortgage will fall into default, your credit rating will fall as the late or missed payments are reported to the credit bureaus and other lenders will be more hesitant to lend […]

Benefits of Having A Survey

A survey is a two-part report prepared by a qualified Ontario Land Surveyor pursuant to the Surveys Act (Ontario) bearing the seal of the surveyor. It consists of a plan showing the features of the land, such as buildings, fences, and natural features, and a written report (often endorsed on the plan) indicating any encroachments […]

The Risks of Buying A Home With An Unconditional Offer

In a seller’s market, there is keen competition for homes in many price brackets. Buyers are anxious and worried about losing a bidding war on a seemingly perfect property. Furthermore, the heated market may cause buyers to feel pressured to make an unconditional offer. No inspection. No financing condition.