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Markham Office: 7030 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 500, Markham, Ontario L3R 6G2

The City or Town you choose to live in should be beautiful and a source of pride for not only you, but all of its residents.  Although beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, municipalities impose a set of rules as to how owners are to maintain their homes and properties so that our neighbourhoods remain attractive, safe and healthy places in which to live. The Town of Markham’s Property Standards By-law (248-1999) containing these rules (please ask Andrea Kelly about the by-law(s) for other cities or towns, if desired) covers, for example, requirements regarding:

For further information regarding Markham`s by-law, including penalties for non-compliance, call 905-479-7782 or email [email protected]. Please contact Andrea P. Kelly if you wish assistance to confirm the property standards for another city or town.


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